Level A, B and taster

Rikard Ekstrand was first inspired to start dancing in the early age of seven. Today it's his life and his way of living. Best chance to see this dancing creature is to visit Stockholm, Sweden, were he's most often found. His focus in swing dancing and teaching lies in the art of rhythm, music and partnering. Except from swing dancing, Rikard is a quite well known street dancer in Sweden. He sees swing dancing as an artform and a culture legacy. Recreation of old techniques and styles is what makes Rikard go wild. He calls himself a student more than a dancer. "In the school of dance and rhythm you will never be fully skilled". In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and in 2008 he became a member.
Rikard also have a passion for competition, in which he has a long list of titles in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie.

Level A, B and taster

Alice started dancing at the very young age of 4 years old and have done numerous types of dances until she fell in love with Lindy Hop. She has now been swing dancing for 12 years and keeps being fascinated by the art of improvisation. Connecting with her partner through rhythm helps her dance her following and is the most inspiring thing to her at the moment. She has been spreading the joy of lindy hop and authentic jazz in more than 30 countries through teaching, performing, competing and social dancing. She loves the diversity of movement and the freedom of expression this dance brings to the world. She hopes to keep learning things and keep on inspiring people for as long as possible.

Level C and taster

Tim started Lindy Hopping in 1997.  Tim is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and event producer who has dedicated the past years to establishing and growing the Mexican Swing dance scene alongside Ruchi. Thanks to their work Swing México has grown fast, and in 5 years México City claims a healthy scene of high altitude dancers, supports several fantastic jazz bands including their house band the Swing México Jazz Band, regular visits from international instructors, beach festivals and most definitely the best tacos on Earth. Aside from co-producing Frankie100 in 2014, years of working as resident DJ in Herräng dance camp, teaching in 18 countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America, starting the Lindy Hop scene & Tango scene in Mumbai, India & putting swing dancing into Bollywood films, Tim is also known for his ability to make up crazy stories about himself that are actually true.


Ruchi and Tim both invite you anytime to their home/dance studio/concert venue/hostel & circus training space -Cracovia 32, Mexico Cities’ house of Swing.

Level C and taster

Ruchi started dancing in 2010 in Berlin Germany, after falling in love with this tremendous dance form she came back to Mexico City where she found that there was no Lindy Hop scene in not just the city, but the whole country of Mexico. This situation wasn’t easy and she satisfied her lindy needs while studying achieving architecture degree, by doing everything she could to travel around the world learning from as many teachers and different scenes as possible. She has worked, taken classes and social danced in Herrang Dance Camp, Sweden which she considers her best school. During her Lindy travels she won 1st prize in  a Jack n Jill competition in Seoul Korea 2012, and 1st prize in Strictly Lindy competition in Como Italy 2015 and 1st Prize of the Mexico City “talento de barrio”  for the Swing division. It´s been 5 years since Ruchi found SW!NG MEX!CO together with her sister Pao and Tim. Being the Mexican Lindy Hop ambassador for the Frankie Manning Foundation, Ruchi is fully compromised with sharing this loving dance with her friends, students, with her country and sharing it around the world.

Ruchi and Tim both invite you anytime to their home/dance studio/concert venue/hostel & circus training space -Cracovia 32, Mexico Cities’ house of Swing.

Hip hop taster

Baba got her dancing education in Bern and New York in Modern/Jazzdance, Afro, Salsa and Ballet. But her heart beats specially for the urban styles HipHop, House, Ragga ect. She continuously takes classes and Inspirations on different Workshops in- and outside of Switzerland.

Raga (or Raggamuffin) has his roots in the jamaican dance,it's a mix of smooth movements and body-isolations. Ragga is usually a choreo made form Dancehall Steps and HipHop Elements. Those Movements and Steps are telling little stories and make this dance style so powerful.


3 levels

Level A


Level B


Level C





13:00 -14:30 Class 1

13:00 -14:15 Class 1

15:15 -16:45 Class 2

15:15 -16:30 Class 2

Show at 23.00

21:30 - 03:00

Musicality (Rikard)

Hip Hop (Baba)

21:00 Video Projection "The one8project"

12:00 Check-in opens

Jazz a la Mexicana

(Tim and Ruchi)

African dancing inspired jazz class (Alice)


12:00 -13:30 Class 1

12:00 -13:15 Class 1

14:15 -15:45 Class 2

14:15 -15:30 Class 2

11:30 Check-in opens

17:30 -20:00

Goodbye dance

Class Venue

Dance Passion

Dalmaziquai 69

3005 Bern


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