Join us for a great party on Saturday night

Entry : 25Fr.

21:30  Party starts

22:00  Live music

23:00  Show time

03:00  Party ends

The Djs

Dj Stefan
(CH, Zürich)


Dj Berni
(CH, Bern)


Dj Sheriff

(CH, Bern)

The Band: 
Bohème Jammers

From Zürich, Bohème Jammers will make you dance on Saturday!

The Bohème Jammers love to dust old New Orleans tunes in wicked locations and to make people dance with their Hot Jazz rhythms. This ragtag group barely leaves its Zurich stomping ground. Especially for Solstice, they come to play in Bern for the very first time!

Björn Widder, Kettledrums

Albert Gabriel, Sousaphone

Axel Obermeier, Banjolele, Singing

Rüdiger Scheu, Gitarre

Veit Heilperin, Washboard

Esther Luke, Piano

Daniela Seyfarth, Singing

Felix Müller, Trumpet

Adrian Seward, Saxophone

Werner Fessler, Sopran Saxophone

Master of ceremony

Party and Class Venue

Dance Passion

Dalmaziquai 69

3005 Bern


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